Legal Academic Publishing Done Right

The legal publishing cycle was the end of sanity. Claudius Scholar is the beginning.

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About Us

Claudius Scholar is designed with active input from law professors, legal practitioners, judges, and law student members of law reviews.

It simplifies authors’ and editors’ lives while ensuring that, as in other fields, good scholarship finds the appropriate forum for its dissemination, and good forums find the appropriate scholarship for their pages.

For Editors

Quick responses
With offer windows standardized to 14 days, receive a response to your offer in a timely manner.
Verified expedite requests
No need to check if an author is pretending to have an offer they don’t have.
Money back
10% of Claudius Scholar’s profits go back to its student-run journal subscribers.
No expedite abuse
Your time won’t be wasted on empty reviews. If an author receives at least one offer for an article, they cannot withdraw entirely. They must accept an offer before the end of the submissions cycle.
Cut down on submissions
Restrict submissions to only those areas of scholarship you are actively seeking.
Help for your assistant editors
Triage articles according to various metrics, including whether the article has received offers from a specific tier of journal.
No more confusion
Open/close, accept/reject, filter/screen--everything is simpler and more intuitive with Claudius Scholar.

For Authors

Standardized windows
Offer windows are standardized to 14 days for all journals.
Low cost
$5/submission. If you’re a student or qualify as low-income, only $2.
No more zombie journals
Clear communication from journals regarding when they are open/closed and what areas within legal scholarship they are actively seeking.
No endless waits
If a journal is open, it must review all manuscripts submitted to it within two months of the submission date.
Guaranteed feedback
If a journal accepts an article for review, it must read the article and provide Claudius Scholar’s tailored scale-based feedback with the accept/reject decision.